Six dangerous things that are hidden in your carpet!

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A healthy and clean home environment is vital for overall well-being, and we want to maintain it throughout the year. But we often forget about the carpet lying on the floor, which is also a culprit of an unhealthy home environment. Now, if you are looking for carpet cleaning service, the best is to hire professionals. Carpet Cleaning Inner West can help to protect your investment and give a healthy home environment. But are you aware of the leading cause of carpet damage? And do you know why you need cleaning at least once a year

 If not, we will tell you what has been hiding in the carpet so long that you are unaware of.

What are things hiding in the carpet that you are unaware of?

You always take care of dust and dirt on the carpet, but regular spot cleaning and vacuuming is insufficient most of the time. If your carpet is making you sick very often, contact Carpet Cleaning Company in Inner West. Let us see what is lurking on the carpet:

Pet dander and urine:

Unknowingly, animal skin, saliva, fur, urine deposit on the carpet surface and cause allergy. Allergies from dander are very common for people with asthma and cause difficulty in breathing.


Unfortunately, bacteria such as salmonella are present on the carpet from dirty shoes, food spills, and pets. In such a situation, taking carpet cleaning service help in protecting kids and family health.


Tiny insects such as ticks, bedbugs, carpet mites, fleas are often present on the carpet and can trigger allergies and diseases. Carpet steam cleaning is one of the best ways to keep these insects at bay.


You often vacuum to remove solid particles, including hair. But sometimes, removing small pet or human hair is frustrating. You are not certain about various DIY solutions; instead, why don’t you look for Carpet Cleaning Inner West for chronic hair problems?

Dust and dirt:

Soil, dust, mud, debris are easily trapped on the carpet’s surface from the shoes, dusting, and other activities. If you do not hire a cleaning company, it accumulates over time and causes serious problems.

Mold and mildews:

Last but not least, mold and mildews develop on the carpet, especially if placed in moist areas. Molds not only damage your costly investment but also can be the reason for various health issues.

Hire the Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Inner West:

Now you understand how serious you should take residential carpet cleaning service. Your simple call to an expert will end all the above problems and give you a healthier home. If you want any help, consider contacting Carpet Cleaning Inner West.