Some of The Carpet Cleaning Mishaps

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Your carpet is the biggest investment in home decor and is prone to dust, allergens, stains. Unfortunately, some mishaps can cause wear and tear and permanent damage to the fabric. Therefore, it is best to take help from professionals at carpet cleaning Inner West and avoid mistakes. Here, we will see some of the carpet cleaning mishaps in detail.

What are the carpet cleaning mishaps, and how to deal with them?

Mistakes and accidents can happen anytime and spills are not easy to deal with. However,  there are some attractive ways of cleaning carpet and dealing with harsh circumstances. Let us see what you can do in some of the situations:

Rubbing the carpet:

When the carpet is full of heavy stains, you rigorously rub to immediately remove them, but it is not a wise decision you have taken. It is because rubbing cause the stain to sit more deeply on the fibre and spread in the wider areas. You need to follow blotting, a proper procedure to clean the carpet.


Carpet can get wet due to several factors, including spills, dampness, plumbing leaks and cleaning mistakes. Over-wetting of carpet can lead to a musty smell, bacteria growth, and damage to the fabric.

To deal with such situation like flooding, consider taking the help of professionals working at Carpet Cleaning Inner West who provide emergency service. Or, you can seek professional help if you are not sure how to clean the wall to wall carpet.

Not using a vacuum properly:

When you misuse a vacuum cleaner, you get poor results, especially when combined with cleaning products.

Therefore, avoid making vacuuming mistakes while cleaning the carpet. For example, while cleaning use empty cover and not the one full of dust and debris.

Using wrong cleaning products:

Carpets are made from dedicated fabric, and each needs careful handling. Therefore, you should be very careful while using cleaning products.

It is best you should be aware of the fibre, stains and type of treatment it needs to clean the carpet. However, if you are not sure, consider calling professionals to clean the carpet in the right way.

Waiting for long to tackle the stains:

If you leave the spill to set and dry, stain removal will become more complex and time consuming. But it is not always possible to clean the spills immediately in most cases.

Therefore, depending on the stain and spills, it needs proper care to deal with. Alternatively, you can opt for professionals to help treat stains and spills correctly.

Consider hiring a pro:

No one can help you better than the professionals with carpet cleaning needs. Also, there are many benefits that you cannot ignore of cleaning the carpet with professionals. Consider calling Carpet Cleaners in Inner West to schedule your next appointment.